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Tromsø | 2022

Tromsø city

The Paris of the North, the City of the Arctic, the Gateway to the Arctic Ocean, the Capital of the Arctic. Northern Norway's largest city has many nicknames, and with good reason.

With its unique location 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, surrounded by majestic scenery, Tromsø is a perfect base for exploring what the northern Norwegian nature has to offer. Here you can experience all seasons and natural phenomena such as the midnight sun in summer and the Northern Lights in winter.

Tromsø has a wide range of experiences. There are almost no limits to what you can do here, depending only on the time of year you choose to visit the city. In winter, you can go dog sledding, whale watching or hiking in one of the world's most spectacular outdoor areas. In summer, try deep-sea fishing from a boat, go on a kayak tour or climb majestic mountains, all under the Arctic midnight sun. 

Most of the arranged tours depart from Tromsø city center, and with the hotel's central location, it will be easy to get to and from these if you choose to stay with us. We can also help you get in touch with the different operators. 

Tromsø | 2022

Tromsø has a long and exciting history as a base for polar expeditions, fishing and hunting. Famous polar explorers such as Roald Amundsen, Umberto Nobile and Fritjof Nansen were frequent visitors to the city and started several of their expeditions here. For a long time, Tromsø was Norway's largest Arctic city, with both ice fishing and fish trading. Hotel Skansen is located right next to the Polar Museum in Tromsø, which has exciting exhibitions about polar explorers and hunters from the ice fishing period.

Tromsø also has a rich nightlife and a wide range of cultural offerings, and it is not without reason that the city was once nicknamed "the Paris of the North". Time and time again, Tromsø has been voted one of Europe's best travel destinations and is today Norway's most popular tourist destination with visitors from all over the world. 

Tromsø has a very good selection of restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs and nightlife. Here you can enjoy everything from traditional local fish dishes to sushi or tapas. Hotell Skansen is just 50 meters from the pedestrian street and it only takes you a few minutes to walk to most of the restaurants and nightlife in the city.